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(from page 2681) marijuana or marihuana (ma re hwa na) n. A weed or herb, growing in many parts of North America; the dried leaves of the plant, which have narcotic qualities when smoked in cigarettes; sometimes called the assassin of youth.

Marijuana, or Hashish, a subtle, crazing drug which is being surreptitiously sold in U.S. in the form of cigarettes. Narcotic officials named it 'The Assassin of Youth,' and state that it is as dangerous as a coiled rattlesnake. Its effects when smoked vary with different Individuals. It may make of its victim a philosopher, a joyous reveler, a mad insensate, or a fiendish murderer. Its purveyors whisper into the ears of Am. youth the wonders of a new cigarette with a real thrill, and without harmful effects. Students are lured to its use by promises of resultant keenness of mind, the easy solving of problems, an aid in exams. An addict was hanged in Baltimore in 1937 for a criminal assault on a ten-year-old girl. In Fla. a crazed youth killed his father, mother, two brothers, and a sister. In more than 30 cases of murder or degenerate sex crimes in 1937, marijuana proved to be a contributing cause. See Hashish.

(page 1976) HEMP (hemp) n. 1 A tough-fiberded plant from which rope and certain coarse fabrics are made. 2. Hashish, a narcotic and intoxicating drug obtained from the Indian hemp. 3. Slang. The rope used for hanging people. Hemp'en adj.

Hemp, commercial name for the textile fibers yielded by several unrelated plants, but strictly used only to describe those produced by Cannabis sativa, native to s. Russ., Per., and parts of China. This plant is characterized by a straight undivided stalk, usually from five to eight ft. high, but sometimes attaining a height of 18 ft. The best hemp comes from Italy; it is also cultivated in Russ., the Philippines and elsewhere. It is mostly used in the mfr. of rope and strong twine, and is woven into sail-cloth and fire-hose. For making canvas and sacking it has been largely replaced by jute, which is cheaper. The Arabs give the name hashish to a preparation of the leaves. Hemp also has useful medicinal properties.


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