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Marijuana Grow Guide

How to Get Marijuana Seeds and Clones

Before you can grow marijuana, you need some marijuana seeds or clones to get you started. There are several methods of obtaining them. The major ones are summarized here. 

1. Online Seed Banks

One method of obtaining seeds is to buy them through online seed banks. While you can get any variety of seeds through the mail, there are problems with this approach. For one thing, it is illegal in the United States to send or receive marijuana seeds through the mail. It could expose you to criminal prosecution. Another problem is that there are few seed banks that don't have at least a few customer complaints. There are some seed banks that are purely in the business of ripping people off and there are new scams reported every day. Do some investigation into any seed seller before your send your money through the mail. 

You can find a review of the various strains of marijuana available through seed banks in the Medical Marijuana Strain Guide.

2. Seeds from stash

Your own stash can provide seeds that are at least as good as whatever stash you had. 

3. Friends

If you don't have any seeds in your stash, ask your friends. If you know very many marijuana smokers, somebody will probably have some decent ones.

4. Compassion Clubs

If you are lucky enough to live in an area with cannabis compassion clubs then you can get seeds or clones from the clubs. These clubs are found in many places in California, and in some other states. You will need to get a medical recommendation according to the rules of your local area.