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World's Largest Online Library of Drug Policy

The Drug War obviously isn't working. It is time we took another look at the evidence on drugs. Now you can do it through the Internet. The DRCNet Online Library contains thousands of documents covering all aspects of drugs and drug policy, from ancient history to the latest developments from Europe. You can find this library on the World Wide Web at the following location:


What These Libraries Contain:

  • Major Studies of Drugs and Drug Policy over the last 100 years, including summaries and full text of many studies. These studies include the New York City Bar Association Report (1994), the National Commission on Marihuana and Drug Abuse (1972), the La Guardia Committee Report (1944), and many more.
  • Historical Information, including the shocking origins of the drug laws. Included in the collection are the actual transcripts of the hearings for the Marihuana Tax Act and many other historical works, including texts dating back to 550 BC. Why were these laws passed in the first place? You will find it hard to believe - it had nothing to do with what you have assumed.
  • Latest News from Europe - including up-to-date information on drug policies in the Netherlands as well as other developments, such as the heroin maintenance clinics currently being run in Switzerland.
  • DEA Judge Young's ruling on medical marijuana. In 1989, the DEA's Chief Administrative Law Judge finished hearing two years of evidence on medical marijuana and ruled that the DEA's actions in restricting the medical use of marijuana were "unconscionable." Our online library has the full text of Judge Young's decision.
  • The Drug Legalization Debate - Extensive materials covering all of the arguments in the "drug legalization" debate from all perspectives, including the full text of documents from all points of view. See all the arguments and all the evidence from both sides.
  • Government Documents - We maintain an extensive collection of Federal and State Government documents related to drug policy including many reports which have never been formally published or are so rare that they are not available in most libraries.
  • Much, much more - literally thousands of documents on a huge range of topics!

Our Guarantee

We absolutely guarantee:

  • That you will find the information in these libraries surprising and fascinating - no matter what your current point of view.
  • You have never seen or heard much of this information anywhere before. We have some of the best information resources you will find anywhere in the world on this topic.

Brought to you by the Drug Reform Coordination Network (DRCNet) as a free public service.

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