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May 12, 1990

Ruthie wrote me with a few updates to the prior information.

She says they were unable to get the park for Saturday (something about too much police surveillance) so Saturday will be at Spring Lake.

She is going to try to get "the spot on your left just as you come off the hill into the park area." Ruthie said that if anyone has trouble finding the group she would leave a trail of bread crumbs but, of course, that only works until the first Morris shows up. If in doubt, look for the clouds of tear gas and flashing police lights - the family will be in the middle.

Hot dogs and hamburgers will be served around noon, with the big meal around 4:00 PM. Remember that, if you are approached by any family member you do not immediately recognize, throw some food away from your car. Do not attempt to feed them by hand.

Sunday will be at Howarth Park as previously stated.

She says to be sure to remember to bring all of the following items:

bathing suits (to avoid the perennial lewd conduct charges)

lots of ice (to take the swelling down)

extra ice chests (storage space is always a problem)

snacks (in sealed packets so the Leards can't smell them)

charcoal (fire helps to keep the Morrises at bay)


Doug and Barbara should bring their game. Ruthie said that everyone really enjoyed it as long as they were sober.

Ruthie says there are paddle boats, hiking trails (remember to bring shoes), and a nice area for volleyball.

Ruthie also asked me to remind everyone that it is time to send your contributions. The contribution is $8.00 per household (cheaper than the average parking ticket) and should be sent to:

Ruth Newcomb

I still have not heard from all of the nefarious family members with their most current family information. I would like to publish a fairly complete update of the family information to distribute at or near the reunion, so it would be nice if you would all send it in. If you do not, I will do the most dastardly thing possible - I will tell the truth about you. I am sure no one wants that.

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