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Drug Lords 2- Drug Lords 2 Game Download- This educational
program realistically imitates the life-cycle of the Cannabis plant.
You'll be able to adjust the lighting, water, fertilize, prune and care for
your developing plants, while learning more about them at the same
time! (456K zip file)

Marijuana Stand - You have one year to come up with a lot of, or else. So naturally you do what any good and law abiding citizen would do, sell weed! Guns, sex, blunts, pimps, ho's, gambling, hash, chronic, and cash... Will you make it?

HighGrow 3.0 Grow You Own Pot - A game to test your skills at growing weed.

  Ganja Tetrix.zip A Tetris game with really trippy graphics. They get better the higher you go.

Los Marijuanos.zip  A pacman like game where you eat the weed instead of pebbles and get chased by the cops instead of ghosts. 

http://www.planetdan.net/pics/misc/georgie.htm Wanna Have Some Fun & Play With G.W. This is fun! Use your mouse to make him do all sorts of athletic moves.

An interesting version of Pacman on Weed.

http://www.joecartoon.com/pages/home/ - A great Game for when you are stoned!

http://www.snapbubbles.com/ Snap the Bubble's Game

http://www.maylin.net/Fireworks.html Free Fireworks Show

Chech&ChongSkins4Sims.zip Cheech & Chong Skins For Your Sims Game

http://www.trafficking.com - The Board Game Trafficking

http://www.streetviewsoftware.com - Crack Head The Game

www.dopeconnection.net Coffeshop Simulation called "Netherland Marihuana Connection 2".

Asteroids Game

Space Invaders Game

Hexxagon Game

Mini Golf Game

MySpace Codes

MAGIK DUST (Online Play)
Sprinkle some magik grow dust all over your enchanted crop. This one's way cool. Must have a Java-Enabled browser.

Cruise through this starfield and trip out. Mouse controls direction of flight. Best used with browser on Full Screen (F11).

The classis time killer. Quick loading. Lots of fun.

SNAKE (Online Play)
Move your snake around the board and eat the red dot in this simple, but very addicting online game.
Everyone remembers Waldope right? Use our magnifying glass and find our little four-eyed dope head.
Piece together one of our fully interactive jigsaw puzzles. Several dope images to choose from.

You won't find this anywhere else on the net! Check out our exclusive collection of virtual 3D paraphernalia. Manipulate our collection of bongs, bowls and bubblers in complete real-time 3-D! Look down the stem of our pipe or up through the chamber of our bong!

How tight is your Shit? Take our hilarious 20 question test which will calculate your odds of getting busted!

Check out our trippy 3D panorama image...

Slide the pieces of our interactive slider puzzle back together to reform a phat picture.

Kill some time and search & circle lots of herb related words...

Think you got a buzz eh? Then try to solve this fully interactive 3D puzzle straight from the 80's.

Navigate this 3D labyrinth to get out...

IDLE PIMPS (will open new window)
Pimp your way to the top in this online Pimpin' game by scouting for hoes, fighting with other pimps, managing your thugs, keepin' the hoes happy and much more. Game play is similar to e-drug trader below. Although not technically weed related, you do have to keep your hoes happy by supplying them with crack. Courtesy of www.idlepimps.com.

BONG-O-MATIC(online play in new window) or (download the .exe file)
Adjust the controls on the Flash-Powered "BONG-O-MATIC" to get your boy as high as possible-as safely as possible. Try not to choke a buver, make him sick or overheat the bong. EXCELLENT graphics, sound and game play. Courtesy of Wellcoolstuff.com.

E-DRUGTRADER (will open new window)
A great online drug parody game. Deal, rob and pimp your way to the top. Courtesy of www.edrugtrader.com.

This was provided by Smoky's in Amsterdam

Virtual weed grower
This simulates a growing room on your computer.
880 kb download later
Drug wars, Text Based game where you are a Drug Dealer (Full) 49 kb download now !
Dope wars, Same as Drug Wars, but with more Features (Full) 96 kb download now !
Crop commander, Protect your crops from missiles (Demo) 70 kb download now !
Ganja farmer 1.0 funny game 980 kb download now !
Drug lord, Great Game with graphics, jokes, & plugins (Full) 728 kb download now !
Happy weed, for Macintosh (pc coming) Goto their homepage!
Doom theme!!!! . "legalize it, end the drug war" Go to their homepage!


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Crop Command V1.03 Shareware
For PC (DOS/Windows 3.xx/95/NT)

Direct Download
Oregon, USA

Play A Game Of Hemp Jeopardy

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