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GGD-98-28, Feb. 3, 1998 (46 pages). Drug Control: Planned Actions Should Clarify Counterdrug Technology Assessment Center's Impact. [Text] [PDF]

In fiscal year 1991, Congress established the Counterdrug Technology Assessment Center to oversee and coordinate federal efforts to develop technology that would reduce both the flow of illegal drugs into the United States and the demand for such drugs. For example, counterdrug technology research and development was instrumental in the development of X-ray and gamma-ray technologies that can detect drugs hidden in trucks and railroad cars entering the United States along the southwest border. This report discusses (1) how the Center coordinates its counterdrug research and development efforts with other federal agencies to address needs that are not being met by other agencies and to avoid unnecessary duplication of efforts and (2) the contributions that the Center has made to counterdrug research and development efforts since its creation.

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