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NSIAD-98-142, June 25, 1998 (64 pages). Drug Control: An Overview of U.S. Counterdrug Intelligence Activities. [Text] [PDF]

A host of federal, state, and local organizations collect domestic and foreign counterdrug intelligence information using human, electronic, photographic, and other technical means. This information is used by U.S. policymakers to formulate counterdrug policy and by law enforcement agencies to learn about drug traffickers and to identify the points at which drug-trafficking operations are the most vulnerable. The amount of federal funds spent on counterdrug intelligence programs is difficult to determine because there is no governmentwide budget or single source for this information. However, GAO found that, in fiscal year 1997, more than $295 million was spent on such activities, which employed more than 1,400 federal workers. The Justice, Treasury, and Defense departments accounted for more than 90 percent of the money spent and the personnel involved.

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