Schaffer Library of Drug Policy

The Origins of Cannabis Prohibition in California

by Dale H. Gieringer
Early History Of Cannabis In California
The First Stirrings Of Cannabis Prohibition
The Advent of Marijuana
Conclusion: Prohibition a Bureaucratic Initiative
State & Local Marijuana Laws, Pre-1933
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A review of the standard sources on dates of state marijuana laws reveals a few inconsistencies, errors and omissions, which hopefully have been corrected here.

[1] Bonnie and Whitebread, The Marihuana Conviction (Univ. of Virginia Press, Charlottesville) 1974, p. 354.

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[4] Surgeon General's report, "State Laws Relating to the Control of Narcotic Drugs and the Treatment of Drug Addiction," Supplement #91 to Public Health Reports (1931).

[5] A 1912 amended version of the law is listed in Martin Wilbert and Murray Galt Motter, , “Poisons and Habit-Forming Drugs,” in Public Health Reports Vol. XXVIII #41, Oct. 10, 1913 and #42, Oct. 17, 1913.

[6] Charles Whitebread, “The History of the Non-Medical Use of Drugs in the United States,” Speech to the 1995 California Judges Assoc. annual conference, posted at History/HISTORY.HTM.

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[10] “Constitutionality of Law Regulating Sale of Opium,” British Medical Journal I, June 5, 1897, p. 1092. The 1889 Missouri law outlawed opium and hasheesh dens; marijuana per se was not outlawed in the state until 1935: Bonnie and Whitebread, The Marihuana Conviction, pp. 112-4.

[11] Colorado passed laws to prohibit both cultivation and sale of cannabis in 1917, but the law against sale was repealed in 1919. Sale and possession were ultimately recriminalized in 1927. Henry O. Whiteside, Menace in the West: Colorado and the American Experience with Drugs, 1873-1963, (Colorado Historical Society, Denver, 1997) pp. 36-9, 52-4,

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