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The New York Times January 11, 1923
Smoked in Cigarette-- Is Shown at Women's Meeting.

The latest habit­forming drug imported into the White Light district-- marihuana, which is smoked in a cigarette -- was exhibited along with two drug addicts and a collection of opium pipes, raw opium, morphine, cocaine and heroin at a meeting of women in the Hotel McAlpin arranged by Mrs. John Jerome Rooney. For the information of the women, who met to form a committee to fight the drug evil, the exhibits were assembled by Dr. Carleton Simon, Special Deputy Commissioner in charge of the Narcotic Division of the Police Department.

There are 50,000 drug addicts in the State of New York, of whom 50 per cent. are in New York City, said Judge Cornelius F. Collins of General Sessions.

The meeting adopted a resolution, among other things asking that President Harding proclaim a "National Anti­Dope Week" and call an international conference to deal with the drug evil.

The members of the Executive Committee chosen at the meeting are: Mrs. John Jerome Rooney, Chairman; Mrs. W.B. Bonfils, Mrs. Lillian Sire, Mrs. Pauline O. Field, Mrs. John Enos Quinn, Mrs. Mary Lilly, Mrs. Ella O'Gorman Stanton, Mrs. Royal S. Copeland, Mrs. Maurice Regal Jacobs, Mrs. Livingston R. Schuyler and Mrs. Royal Weller.

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