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New York Times March 7, 1920
Revenue Bureau Officials Find Alarming Increase in Victims and Prepare to Enforce Law.

CHICAGO, March 6.-- Plans for a national campaign against the drug habit by the most stringent enforcement of the Harrison Anti-Narcotic act yet attempted are being formed by officers of the Internal Revenue Bureau, it was announced today by Charles Rogers, Assistant Supervising Collector at Washington, who is in Chicago to direct reorganization of field deputies. "In the hue and cry against liquor, the public apparently has forgotten that more sinister social menace, the drug habit." Mr. Rogers said. "Just as soon as our bureau has the income tax work off its hands, we are going to roll up our sleeves and go after 'dope,' tooth and nail."

Mr. Rogers said the bureau had reports of an alarming increase of the number of drug victims and in the smuggling traffic.



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