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The New York Times June 14, 1926
Big Percentage of Convictions Impresses Opium Convention.
Copyright 1926, by The New York Times Company.
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GENEVA, June 13. --- Consul S. Pinkney Tuck presented to the League of Nations Opium Advisory Commission last week a resume of Washington's annual drug report, which brought out clearly American police and court methods in dealing with illicit drug traffickers. The figures on arrests and the fact that more than 90 per cent. Of the cases resulted in convictions impressed the listeners.

The American representative on the League advisory body appeared in an unofficial capacity.

There is hope that the American plea for international police cooperation in the suppression of illicit traffic in drugs may some day be realized and that she will not have to wait for the suppression of poppy and cocoa culture in order to free humanity from the scourge of habit-forming drugs.

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