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Basic Facts About the War on Drugs

Basic Facts About the War on Drugs

by Clifford A. Schaffer

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When and why was marijuana originally outlawed?

When and why were the opiates and cocaine outlawed?

When and how did the idea that marijuana gateway drugs myth get started?

Did Alcohol Use Decrease During Alcohol Prohibition?

Did Alcohol-related Arrests Decrease during Alcohol Prohibition?

Did Alcohol Prohibition increase crime?

What happened to children during alcohol prohibition?

What causes drug epidemics among kids?

2. How many people use drugs in the United States?

3. How many people are actually killed by drugs?

4. Which drug causes the greatest burden on our medical facilities?

5. Which drugs are the most addictive?

6. Do illegal drugs cause violent crime?

7. Can we win the war on drugs this way?

8. How many millions of people will have to go to prison?

9. What does it cost to put a single drug dealer in jail?

10. What does this drug policy do to the black community?

11. How does our policy compare with the policies of other countries?

12. Do the illegal drugs have any legitimate uses?

14. What should we do about drugs?

Charts and Graphs on Drug War Statistics

15. How dangerous is marijuana, really?

16. Would "legalization" cost more than it saves?

17. How many people are currently in prison, and what are they in for?

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