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Information on Alcohol


First edition

Consultants: Dr L. Goldman (Coordinator), Dr R. Batey, Dr L. Drew, Dr J. Ellard, Ms A. Roche, Dr J. Santamaria, Dr A. Wodak.

Project team: Ms M. Armstrong, Ms R. Rix.

Department of Community Services and Health: Ms J. Haustead, Ms J. Wade,Ms R. Woollcott.

Second edition

Consultants: Dr R. Ali, Mr E. Digiusto, Dr A. Foy, Dr L. Goldman, Dr R. Richmond, Dr D. Zador.

Editorial: Dr R. Pols, Ms J. Farrin, Ms A. Sirenko.

Department of Human Services and Health: Mr R. Allnutt, Dr N. Mitchell,Ms A. Parkinson, Ms J. Wade.

For the second printing, some amendments to the chapter on drugs in pregnancy were suggested by Ms J. Holmes.


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