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American Society for Action on Pain

UI - 000085

AU - Gottlieb H

AU - Alperson BL

AU - Schwartz AH

AU - Beck C

AU - Kee S

TI - Self-management for medication reduction in chronic low back pain

AB - It has been demonstrated that pain relief is seldom produced by medication or surgical methods where

there is evidence of emotional disturbance, as indicated by the MMPI. A program that attempts to engender

a high level of patient responsibility in a population of chronic low back pain patients is described. Self-

managed reduction of drug dependence is a major component of this program. The data indicate that the

program produces a significant reduction in dependence on opiates, derivatives, synthetic opiates, hypnotics,

sedatives, tranquilizers, and analgesics. Follow-up data (with attrition controlled) at six months and 12

months postdischarge do not provide any evidence for deterioration (ie, return to pretreatment levels of drug

dependence). Thus, it appears that the programmatic impact is stable over at least a 12-month period

postdischarge. Implications of these findings for the low back pain population, as well as other chronic pain

populations, are discussed

SO - Archives of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation 1988;69:442-448