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American Society for Action on Pain

UI - 000083

AU - Tonelli L

AU - Setti T

AU - Falasca A

AU - Martignoni E

AU - Torcia E

AU - Calcaterra FM

AU - Merli GA

AU - Facchinetti F

TI - Investigation on cerebrospinal fluid opioids and neurotransmitters related to spinal cord stimulation

AB - The purpose of this study was to assess the biochemical mechanisms underlying spinal cord

stimulation (SCS). Seventeen patients with chronic pain were investigated by measuring cerebrospinal fluid

concentrations of endogenous opioids and biogenic amines before and during dorsal column stimulation.

Basal cerebrospinal fluid beta-endorphin levels were below the normal range. No significant change of

norepinephrine, epinephrine, dopamine, beta-endorphin, beta-lipotropin, or adrenocorticotropic hormone

levels were found after SCS. A 50% increase of cerebrospinal beta-endorphin and beta-lipotropin levels

occurred in 6 out of 16 patients, namely those where SCS gave the major pain relief. These data confirm the

derangement of the endogenous opioid system in chronic pain conditions and suggest that the beta-

endorphin response to SCS could have clinical value in predicting the success of treatment

SO - Applied Neurophysiology 1988;51:324-332