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American Society for Action on Pain

UI - 000037

AU - Bruera E

AU - Brenneis C

AU - Michaud M

AU - Chadwick S

AU - MacDonald RN

TI - Continuous sc infusion of narcotics using a portable disposable device in patients with advanced


AB - Fifty-six patients with chronic pain due to advanced cancer were treated with an sc infusion of

morphone (34 patients) or hydromorphone (22 patients) using a portable disposable infusor. The infusion

was maintained for 26 +/- 14 days. Twenty-five patients (45%) were discharged to the home for a mean

period of 18 days (range, 2-138). The mean daily increase in dose was 2.6% +/- 1.4% of the initial dose. The

sc site needed to be changed every 8 days (range, 2-31). Local toxicity consisted of infection in two patients

(3%), chemical irritation in three (5%), and bleeding in one (2%). After 48 hours of treatment, 54 of 56

patients (96%) preferred the sc infusion to their previous parenteral treatment. We conclude that this is a

safe and simple method for the administration of narcotics to inpatients and outpatients

SO - Cancer Treatment Reports 1987;71:635-637