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American Society for Action on Pain

UI - 000033

AU - Colpaert FC

AU - Bervoets KJ

AU - Van den Hoogen RH

TI - Pharmacological analysis of hyperventilation in arthritic rats

AB - The study examined the validity of increased minute volume of ventilation as a measurement of

chronic pain in arthritic rats. The opiates morphine and R 62 818 attenuated arthritic hyperventilation, but

only at doses which also reduced the ventilatory response to CO2 in normal rats. The non-steroidal anti-

inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), indomethacin and suprofen, the corticosteroids, cortisone and

dexamethasone, and the tranquillizers, haloperidol and chlordiazepoxide, were essentially ineffective except

at doses that also produced anti-inflammatory and/or toxic effects. A combination of an in itself ineffective

dose of R 62 818 with an ineffective dose of suprofen did attenuate arthritic hyperventilation, and the

combination constituted the only pharmacological treatment that did so in the absence of anti-inflammatory,

toxic or intrinsic respiratory effects. The data are consistent with the hypothesis that pain rather than acidosis

mediates arthritic hyperventilation. They also suggest that combinations of an opiate with an NSAID may

perhaps be effective in alleviating this pain

SO - Pain 1987;30:243-258