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American Society for Action on Pain

UI - 000197

AU - Portenoy RK


AB - AB - General considerations in the administration of opioids to cancer patients are discussed, and the

available routes of administration are described, including how they are used and with which drugs. The

routes of administration covered are oral, buccal, sublingual, rectal, parenteral (continuous iv administration,

continuous sc administration, and patient-controlled analgesia), spinal (epidural and intrathecal), and

intraventricular. These routes of administration offer to the clinician many options in the pursuit of a safe,

affordable, and effective method of opioid analgesia for the patient with chronic cancer pain. Regular dosing

with oral medication offers the simplest, most reliable, and least expensive method of pain control; it remains

the preferred approach. There should be a specific indication for the use of any particular route of

administration. Appropriate use of these administration routes depends on careful assessment of the patient

and detailed knowledge of both the literature and the clinical utility relevant to each. (22 Refs) AD - Dept. of

Neurology AD - Albert Einstein Coll. of Medicine AD - Bronx AD - NY UI - 88645128

SO - Cancer Nurs 1987;10:138-142