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American Society for Action on Pain

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TI - Low-dose amitriptyline as an adjunct to opioids for postoperative orthopedic pain: A placebo-controlled trial

AB - IN: U Minnesota Coll of Pharmacy, Minneapolis, US LA: English AB: Investigated the usefulness of a tricyclic antidepressant in the management of chronic pain. 28 patients (aged 38-79 yrs) undergoing surgery completed a randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blinded trial of 50 mg of amitriptyline (AMT) po HS on postoperative days 1, 2, and 3 while using patient-controlled morphine or meperidine analgesia. Visual analog and numerical verbal pain ratings, sedation scores, sleep quantity/quality scores, and sense of well-being scores were assessed twice daily on each of the days succeeding AMT/placebo use. AMT was no different than placebo in altering the majority of postoperative symptom variables studied in the sample study population but caused no significant adverse effects. There does not appear to be an opioid-sparing effect nor an improvement in general well-being. Results of this study do not support general use of AMT as a coanalgesic. (PsycLIT Database Copyright 1993 American Psychological Assn, all rights reserved) KP: adjunctive low dose amitriptyline with patient controlled morphine or meperidine analgesia; 38-79 yr olds with postoperative orthopedic chronic pain AN: 80-34733

SO - Pain 1993;52:325-33