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American Society for Action on Pain

UI - 000043

AU - Simonnet G

AU - Taquet H

AU - Floras P

AU - Caille JM

AU - Legrand JC

AU - Vincent JD

AU - Cesselin F

TI - Simultaneous determination of radio-immunoassayable methionine-enkephalin and radioreceptor-active

opiate peptides in CSF of chronic pain suffering and non suffering patients

AB - Radio-immunoassayable methionine-enkephalin (ME) and radioreceptor-active opiate peptide levels

(OP) were determined in CSF from patients, both with and without chronic pain, under investigation for

vertebral disk disease. This study showed: that there was no direct correlation between ME and OP levels in

CSF; OP levels were negatively correlated with the ME/OP ratio; migraine patients had higher levels of ME;

ME concentrations were reduced in patients receiving anti-inflammatory drugs (nonsteroidal): patients with

chronic pain (non migraine, no anti-inflammatory drug therapy) had lower ME levels than patients without

pain. The data are discussed in relation to animal models of chronic pain

SO - Neuropeptides 1986;7:229-240