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American Society for Action on Pain

UI - 000254

AU - Weissman DE

TI - Doctors, opioids, and the law: the effect of controlled substances regulations on cancer pain management

AB - AB - Opioids are underused by physicians for the treatment of cancer pain. Reasons for this include

excessive concern about opioid-induced respiratory depression, tolerance, and addiction, as well as the

impact of controlled substances regulations. The negative impact of controlled substances regulations on

patient care is not well understood. This paper reviews the historical basis and current structure of the

regulatory system. Four potential ways in which controlled substances regulations and policies can affect

medical care are discussed: (1) by placing restrictions on physician practice, (2) by affecting patient access to

opioids, (3) by stigmatizing patients, and (4) indirectly through physicians' perceptions of regulations,

resulting in modified medical practices. Physicians are urged to work with state regulatory agencies to

identify regulatory impediments to appropriate patient care. AD - Division of Cancer and Blood Diseases

AD - Medical College of Wisconsin AD -Milwaukee UI - 93235094

SO - Semin Oncol 1993;20:53-5