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UI - 000233

AU - Tennant FS Jr.

AU - Krantz KD

AU - Dobrin EI

TI - Use of difenoximide (SC-26100) for narcotic detoxification: a preliminary tolerance and efficacy study

AB - AB - Difenoximide (SC-26100) is closely related to the antidiarrheal agent, diphenoxylate, which is a

chemical congener of meperidine. It has been shown to have a greater ability than methadone to suppress

opiate withdrawal in addicted mice, and it has produced less physical dependence than morphine and

methadone in laboratory animals. In this study difenoximide was administered to nine active heroin addicts.

A dose of 4 mg administered 4 times per day for 3 days effectively suppressed opiate withdrawal, while a

dose of 8 mg produced symptoms resembling those of narcotic excess in subjects who had recently self-

administered heroin. No side effect were observed at the therapeutic dosage level, and the drug was well

accepted by subjects. Difenoximide was shown to be a potentially useful narcotic treatment agent in this

impatient study UI - 78163354

SO - Am J Drug Alcohol Abuse 1977;4:123-135