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UI - 000237

AU - Tennant FS Jr.

AU - Tate JA

AU - Ruckel E

TI - Clinical trial in post-addicts with oxilorphan (levo-BC-2605): a new narcotic antagonist

AB - AB - Oxilorphan (levo-BC-2605) is a new, long-acting, narcotic antagonist that has agonist

properties. Twenty-one (21) heroin addicts in Los Angeles were detoxified and given at least one oral dose

of oxilorphan. Only three (14.3%) patients took daily doses for 14 days, which was the maximal time

allowed for oxilorphan administration in this study. The remainder discontinued oxilorphan because of

subjective side effects or for unknown reasons. Side effects most responsible for dropouts were dysphoria,

insomnia, weakness, hallucinations, nausea, drowsiness and anorexia. Oxilorphan provided 24-hour

protection with a single, oral dose, but subjective side effects encountered during inductiolinical trials with

oxilorphan should be attempted with other addict populations to fully determine its potential therapeutic

value UI - 77115504

SO - Drug Alcohol Depend 1976;1:329-337