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American Society for Action on Pain

Author: Poyhia-R.

Title: Opioids in anaesthesia: a questionnaire survey in Finland.

Source: Eur-J-Anaesthesiol. 1994 May. 11(3). P 221-30.


Abstract: A questionnaire was sent to the pharmacies of 88 Finish hospitals with surgical departments to inquire about the consumption of opioids during 1990. Another questionnaire was sent to 480 members of the Finnish Society of Anaesthesiologists to ask how they administer opioids to adult patients. Answers were received from 95% of hospitals and 67% of anaesthetists. Dextropropoxyphene was the most common oral opioid and oxycodone was the most common parenteral opioid used in Finland. Parenteral opioids were consumed almost totally in the hospitals. The anaesthetists reported oxycodone to be the opioid of choice for premedication, postoperative pain and sedation of critically ill patients. Fentanyl was the opioid most commonly used intravenously during balanced anaesthesia and in epidural administration. Epidural opioids were administered by 77% of anaesthetists and patient- controlled analgesia (PCA) technique mostly for intravenous administration by 19%. Only 10% of Finnish anaesthetists were actively involved in the management of chronic pain; the methods they use are discussed. The majority of anaesthetists were satisfied with the currently available opioids.