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American Society for Action on Pain

Author: Tyre-T-E. Walworth-D-E. Tyre-E-M.

Title: The outcome status of chronic pain patients 4 years after multidisciplinary care.

Source: Wis-Med-J. 1994 Jan. 93(1). P 9-12.


Abstract: Thirty-three patients previously treated for a variety of chronic pain syndromes (largely non-surgical back problems) were selected for study on the basis of 2 years or greater post-discharge status. A patient profile was developed revealing an 86% successful return-to-work rate and minimal use of narcotics 4 years after discharge. In addition, there was relatively low use of either inpatient or outpatient medical services after treatment. These patient behaviors were specific goals of the pain management program in which these patients had participated. Interesting data were also collected on medication use after treatment and methods of pain control used most successfully. Selected outcome variables were also studied across specific diagnostic categories (surgical v non-surgical back problems, amputee pain, reflex sympathetic dystrophy, and others) for this group. In general, rather compelling positive outcomes are shown for the long-term effects of multi-disciplinary pain management.