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American Society for Action on Pain


World Health organization

WHO Publication Center

49 Sheridan Avenue

Albany, New York 12210



United Nations Bookshop

New York, New York 10017

Cancer Pain Relief (1986) (ISBN 92 4 156100 9)

Cancer Pain Relief and Palliative Care (1990)

Palliative Cancer Care: Pain Relief and Management (1993)

Public Health Service

Agency for Health Care Policy and Research AHCPR, Publications Clearinghouse P.O. Box 8547

Silver Springs, MD 26907

800/ 358-9295

Acute Pain Management: Operative and Trauma; AHCPR Pub. No. 92-0032. for Clinicians - Acute Pain Management Procedures, AHCPR Pub. No. 92-0019 and in Infants, Children, and Adolescents: Procedures, AHCPR Pub. No. 92-0020.

U. S. Department of Health and Human Services

or Medical Procedures Quick Reference Guide in Adults: Operative Acute Pain Management Operative and Medical Pain Control After Surgery - A Patient's Guide, AHCPR Pub. No. 92-0021. (All published in February, 1992.)

Management of Cancer Pain: Clinical Practice Guideline #9; AHCPR Pub. No. 94-0592. Management of Cancer Pain: Adults - Quick Reference Guide #9; AHCPR Pub. No. 94-0593. Managing Cancer Pain: Patient Guide; AHCPR Pub. No. 94-0595. (All published in March, 1994.)

American Pain Society

P.O. Box 468

Des Paines, IL 60016-0468

7O8/ 966-5595

The Principles of Analgesic Use in the Treatment of Acute Pain and Cancer Pain: A Concise Guide to Medical Practice. (3rd edition, 1992)

American Society of Pain Management Nurses

P.O. Box 6604

Denver, CO 80206-0604

phone/fax 303/ 394-4215

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