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Information on Cocaine

A Recipe for Cocaine Pudding

From The New Larousse Gastronomique

The Revised American Edition of The Encyclopedia of Food, Wine, and Cookery

Prosper Montagn(e')

Copyright English text The Hamlyn Publishing Group Limited

1977. (Crown Publishers, Inc., New York)

*ZABAGLIONE,* SABAYON--A cream mousse of Italian origin which is used to coat hot puddings but which can also be served in cups or glasses, as a sweet.

[The etymology of the word deleted...]

Beat together in a basin 250 g. (9 oz., generous cup) sugar and 6 egg yolks until the mixture forms a 'ribbon'. Flavour with 1 tablespoon vanilla sugar, orange, lemon or tangerine peel, or vanilla extract.

Add 2(1/2) dl. (Scant (1/2) pint, generous cup) sweet or dry white wine. Cook in a bain-marie or in a double saucepan over a very low heat, whisking vigorously until the mixture becomes frothy and stiff.

[It then continues with variations on _Zabaglion_, including...]

*Zabaglione (`a) la kola,* SABAYON (`A) LA KOLA--Prepare some _zabaglione_ using port wine. When the mixture begins to set, add 2 teaspoons of the following mixture: equal quantities of liquid cola extract and liquid coca extract flavoured with a little syrup made from the rind of bitter oranges.

This _zabaglione_, which should be eaten very hot, is not only a very tasty dessert, but also an excellent medicine.

And, just to check what this "coca" is they're talking about:

*COCA*--Peruvian shrub, the leaves of which are chewed by the Indians. Considered an economical food, its properties are due to the effect produced by its alkaloid, cocaine, which is as stimulating as tea or coffee. It is used as an infusion, as a wine, as an elixer, and also used as an ingredient of certain cakes.

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