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The Marihuana Tax Act of 1937

March 10, 1938.


re: Telegram March 8, 1938.

Mr. H. J. Anslinger,

Commissioner of Narcotics,

Washington, D.C.

Mr. Anslinger:

I have talked with Mr. Ridgeway over the telephone, and while he had made some steps toward the chemical analysis of Marihuana, which you have now authorized, he has decided to postpone the matter until after his conference with you next Friday. He has rather interesting developments in the whole matter of commercial Cannabis that he will bring to your attention. According to him the processors are rather wary of the whole business, fearing troubles with the government, and small and not worthwhile profits.


I realize the unexplainable delay in the Indiana Survey Report. It followed me about the South and I brought it to Washington, and in the haste of my leaving forgot to take it up with you as I had wished to before filing it. I then sent it to Chicago in a parcel post package, which was unaccountably delayed. i have it now and will mail it so that it will reach you Monday, March 14th without fail, at the latest,


Very truly yours,


Signed Elizabeth Bass

Elizabeth Bass,

District Supervisor,

District No. 9.



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