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The Marihuana Tax Act of 1937

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October 8, 1936 Marihuana given to Mr. Pruitt to take to Drugs Disposal

for destruction. JHR

October 6, 1936.

In re: Hemp plants at the Chicago Tribune Farm.

Mr. H. J. Anslinger,

Commissioner of Narcotics,

Washington, D.C.

Dear Sir:

Pursuant to some discussion over the telephone with Mr. Ridgway of the Chicago Tribune Experimental Farm, who is the person who supervises their experimental planting, I made an appointment to visit the Farm last Saturday afternoon. I did so, accompanied by two of our agents. We found about three acres of hemp which had already been cut and was stacked all over the field. Their seed was procured from kentucky and the growth was vigorous and nine to ten feet high.

Mr. Ridgway stated that their interest in the experimental growing of the hemp was solely to stimulate the various activities now directed toward the manufacturing uses of the fiber, pith, etc. Into commercial products, among them the making of silk such as you will remember Mr. Bellrose is promoting. Senator Sanborn Young and I called upon Mr. Bellrose and saw samples of the interior of the hemp stalk from which he proposed to manufacture silk.

Mr. Ridgway stated that their hemp crop would all be sent to Crete, Illinois where experiments in these various articles of manufacture were being made upon a large scale. He knew nothing of Marihuana and had only vaguely heard that cigarettes were made from some variety of Cannabis or hemp. His sole knowledge and interest was confined to the dried stalks.

Today's mail, special delivery, carries to the Bureau one pound of the stacked hemp given to us cheerfully by the Experimental Farm.

Awaiting your further instructions as to any future steps to be taken in the matter, I am

Respectfully yours,

Signed Elizabeth Bass

Elizabeth Bass,

District Supervisor,

District No. 9.



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