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Part IV: Special Somatics of Drug-dependent Patients

22 death rates and Mortality of Drug-dependent Patients

22.1 Death Rates and Frequent Diseases

22.2 Mortality


23 Diverse Symptoms and special Recommendations for Treatment

23.1 Constipation

23.2 Nausea and Vomiting

23.3 Sleeping Disturbances

23.4 Sweat

23.5 Car Driving Ability


24 Diverse Diseases of Drug-dependent Patients

24.1 Endocrine Changes

24.2 Haematological Aspects

24.3 Immunological Factors

24.4 Teeth, Mouth, Nose and Nasal Sinuses

24.5 Eyes

24.6 Orthopedical Problems

24.7 Dermatological Problems

24.8 Bacterial Infections of the Soft Tissues

24.9 Neurological Diseases of Drug-dependent Patients

24.10 Nephrological Diseases of Drug-dependent Patients


25 Infectious Diseases of Drug-dependent Patients and their Prevention

25.1 General Prevention

25.2 What to do After Exposure to Potentially Infectious Material

25.3 Hepatitis, Hepatopathies

25.4 HIV and Aids


26 Diseases of the Lung

26.1 Tuberculosis

26.2 Opioid-dependent Edema of the Lung

26.3 Bronchitis and Pneumonia


27 Endocarditis

28 Fertility and sexually Transmitted Diseases

29 Epilepsy

30 Pain and Treatment of Pain in Opioid-dependent Patients

31 Emergency Cases

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