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Kids and Drugs

Kids and Drugs
A collection of references on drugs and children -
what causes drug problems among children, and how to deal with them when they happen.

Drug Use Among Youth by the Health Education Unit, University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia, 1998

Adolescent Drug Use and Psychological Health - A Longitudinal Inquiry, by  Jonathan Shedler and Jack Block University of California Berkeley,  American Psychologist  May, 1990 

Adolescent Drug Abuse Facts & Myths

Chocolate to Morphine: Understanding Mind Active Drugs - by Andrew Weil, MD and Winifred Rosen 

The Acid Tattoo Scare - Why do people persist in believing that children are under threat from psychedelic transfers? From Fortean Times Magazine

Meta-Analysis of Adolescent Crime and Substance Use, 1981-1995

The substance of youth - the place of drugs in young people's lives today -  By Perri 6, Ben Jupp, Helen Perry and Kristen Lasky, November 1997

Your Child and Stimulants (Dutch Government Publication)

From The Consumers Union Report on Licit and Illicit Drugs, 1972

US Government Reports

Drug Education for Kids

Recommendations of the US National Commission on Marihuana and Drug Abuse, 1973 regarding:

Drug Education, from Dealing With Drug Abuse, Report to the Ford Foundation, 1972

DARE - Drug Abuse Resistance Education

Youth, Drugs, and Driving

Self-Estimates and Objective Measurement of BRAC in Young French Drivers: A Field Study and its Preventive Aspects

Values and Motivations of Young Drivers: Key Components of Impaired Driving Countermeasures

Alcohol Restrictions for Novice Drivers

Juvenile DWI Offenders in Austria

Profile of Adolescent Drinking Drivers



Trends in Adolescent Use (DEA Chart)

Study: Teen Drug Use Rises Dec. 15, 1995

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Drug Information Articles

Drug Rehab