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Kids and Drugs

US Rejects unfavorable DARE study


With hundreds of millions of dollars at stake, the Justice Department has

decided to reject a study it commissioned that concluded that the country's

most popular school-based drug prevention program doesn't work.


Justice Department concluded the study didn't examine a big enough sample..


DARE receives about $750 million in government appropriations and private



Research Triangle Institute was paid $300,000 to do the 2 year study...

based on self-reported drug, alcohol and tobacco use by about 9000 children..

in more that 200 schools.


However, despite the Justice Department's attempts to have RTI modify its

findings, RTI has decided to stick with its conclusions... the Justice

Department and RTI have "agreed to disagree" on the validity of the conclusions


RTI... has regularly done work for the Justice Dept...


The Institute of Justice invited the authors to "reexamine" their conclusions,

but they declined...


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