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Major Studies of Drugs and Drug Policy
Canadian Senate Special Committee on Illegal Drugs
Volume 2 - Policies and Practices In Canada

Chapter 11 - A National Drug Strategy?



While we recognize that the federal government cannot act alone if it is to deal effectively with substance abuse problems, our conclusions with respect to a national strategy regarding psychoactive substances are generally limited to the role played at the federal level.

 Ø      Canada urgently needs a comprehensive and coordinated national drug strategy for which the federal government provides sound leadership.

Ø      Any future national drug strategy should incorporate all psychoactive substances, including alcohol and tobacco.  

Ø      To be successful, a national drug strategy must involve a partnership with all levels of government and also with non-governmental organizations.

Ø      Over the years, the intermittency of funding has diminished the ability to co-ordinate and implement the strategy; adequate resources and a long-term commitment to funding are needed if the strategy is to be successful.

Ø      Clear objectives for the strategy must be set out, and comprehensive evaluations of these objectives and the results are required.  

Ø      At the developmental stage, there is a need to identify clear and shared criteria for “success”.

Ø      The core funding for the CCSA has been insufficient for it to carry out its mandate; adequate funding for the CCSA is essential.

Ø      There is a need for an independent organization – the CCSA – to conduct national surveys at least every second year; there is also a need to achieve some level of consistency, comparability and similar time frames for provincially based school surveys.

Ø      Coordination at the federal level should be given to a body that is not an integral part of one of the partner departments.

Ø      Canada’s Drug Strategy’s should adopt a balanced approach – 90% of federal expenditures are currently allocated to supply reduction.


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