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Volume 2 - Policies and Practices In Canada


Conclusions of Chapter 17


      The expression drug addiction should no longer be used and we should talk instead of substance abuse and dependency.

      Between 5% and 10% of regular cannabis users are at risk of developing a dependency.

      Physical dependency on cannabis is virtually non-existent.

      Psychological dependency is moderate and is certainly lower than that for nicotine or alcohol.

      Most regular users of cannabis are able to diverge from a trajectory of dependency without requiring treatment.

      There are many forms of treatment but nothing is known about the effectiveness of the different forms of treatment for cannabis dependency specifically.

      As a rule, treatment is more effective and less costly than a prison sentence.

      Studies of the treatment programs should be conducted, including treatments programs for people with cannabis dependency.

      Studies should be conducted of the interaction between the cannabinoid system and the opioid system.


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