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DEA Congressional Testimony


*JUL 9, 1997 Cooperative efforts of the Colombian National Police and Military
*APR 3, 1997 Puerto Rico and Law Enforcement Efforts in the Carribean
*MAR 19, 1997 FY 1998 Appropriations
*MAR 12, 1997 Mexico and the Southwest Border Initiative


*DEC 02, 1996 The California & Arizona Medical Drug Use Initiatives
*SEP 19, 1996 The Threat of Heroin to the United States
*SEP 12, 1996 National Drug Control Strategy and Drug Interdiction
*SEP 05, 1996 U.S. Law Enforcement Response to Money Laundering in Mexico
*SEP 05, 1996 The Comprehensive Methamphetamine Control Act of 1996
*JUL 31, 1996 Drug Control Along the Southwest Border
*JUL 16, 1996 Abuse and Trafficking of Rohypnol
*JUN 06, 1996 Drug Control in the Western Hemisphere
*MAY 01, 1996 FY 1997 Appropriations
*MAR 28, 1996 Drug Trafficking in Mexico
*MAR 07, 1996 Certification of Drug Producing & Transit Countries in Latin America
*FEB 28, 1996 Money Laundering by Drug Trafficking Organizations


*AUG 08, 1995 International Drug Trafficking Organizations in Mexico

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