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The Joseph McNamara Collection

Joseph McNamara is a former police chief in Kansas City, Mo. and San Jose, Ca.. He holds a doctorate in public administration and is presently a research fellow at Stanford University's Hoover Institution.

Stop the War - A Former Police Chiefs Plea to the New Drug Czar

America's Plague of Bad Cops

Anguish in Blue Needn't Become Deadly

Bombs and the Bill of Rights

Cops on the Dole

Cop's View of the Drug War

End the War by Anthony Lewis

Has the Drug War Created an Officer Liar's Club?

Reinventing the LAPD

The National Guard is Not a Police Force

Code of Silence Must Come to an End

Holding the Line Between Pursuit and Punishment

Drug Peace

Shootings by Police - Broken Trust

NY Times Letter to the Editor - April 18, 1999

DRUG PEACE FOR A NEW MILLENNIUM? A Century Of Prohibition Has Not Worked Sunday,July 24,1999 Orange County Register 

Elian Raid's Ferocity Was Out of Bounds - New York Newsday, Thursday, April 27, 2000

Criminalization of Drug Use - Psychiatric Times September 2000 Vol. XVII Issue 9 



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