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Medical Marijuana Throughout History - Medicines That Contained Cannabis

The Journal of the Medical Society of New Jersey Volume XXXV - Jan.-Dec. 1938

In the article on cannabis indica prescriptions in the December journal, page 748, the Editor made the statement, "It is hardly probable that any physician in New Jersey will have occasion to prescribe the drug." However, an article in the December issue of the Bulletin of the Bronx County Medical Society, New York City, calls attention to twenty-eight pharmaceutical preparations which contain cannabis, -- many of them with no indication of its presence. The list was compiled by Mr. Marty Sasman, of the Professional Relations Committee of the Bronx County Pharmaceutical Association, and is as follows:

(1) Cannabis; Cannabis seeds; Extract Cannabis

(2) Fluid Extract Cannabis; Powder Extra Extract Cannabis; Tincture Cannabis

(3) Cannabinon; Cannobene

(4) Corn Collodluni (Squibb) ; Corn Collodium P. R. B. I.

(5) Collodium Salicvllcum Compound N. F. Cosadein (Parke Davis & Co.)

(6) Elixir Chloral & Potassium Bromide Compound N. F.

(7) Elixir Bromides & Belledonna Compound (Lilly)

(8) Chloranodvne; Elixir Passiflora Compound

(9) Cannabin Compound, Red; Cannabin Compound, Green

(10) Allxttire Chloroform & Morphine Compound N. F. V.

(11) Tablets Chloranodyne; Tablets Chloranodvne half strength

(12) Tablets Sedative Dr. Brown; Tablets Sedative Modified "A" (Lilly)

(13) Tablets Cannabin Compound (Stoddard)

(14) Tablets Hvdrastine Compound (B. & W.)

(15) Tablets Menovarian

(16) Tablets Orchic Compound (National Drug Co.)

(17) Tablets Gano-dyne

(18) Cannabin Tannate (B. & W.) (Known as Hydrastina Comp. B. & W.)

(19) Pill Neuralgic (Brown Sequard)

(20) Colic Mixture Veterinary (Parke Davis & Co.)

(21) Utroval (Piscidia Compound) (Parke Davis & Co.)

(22) Syrup Tolu Compound (Lilly)

(23) Syrup Lobelia & Tolu Compound (Lilly)

(24) T.T. Cannabis 1/4 Gr.

(25) Hypno Bromic Compound; Neurosine

(26) Bromidia; Bromidonia Elixir (McNeil)

(27) MIentholated Cough Balsam (P. D. Co:)

This list was compiled by a member of the Pharmaceutical Association of the Bronx. In order that a physician may possess any preparation on the list, or write a prescription for it, he must first obtain a special license from a collector of Internal Revenue, and pay a fee of one dollar annually.


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