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 On the subject of Sex fiends -

It should be determined, for instance, to what extent the recently widespread use of marijuana, or American hashish, has been responsible for the sex crime. The history of every offender should be delved into deeply and reports made upon this angle.

It is only in late years that marijuana has swept across the country and, indeed, much less would be known about it today had not the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, working under its Commissioner, H. H.J Anslinger, been quick to recognize its dangers, to obtain scientific opinions regarding its effects upon the human system, and work for Federal legislation looking toward its control. A bill giving the Federal Narcotics Bureau real power in marijuana suppression has recently passed Congress. Thus a tremendous force, may now be exerted toward the eradication of a drug which violently affects the sex impulses.

By J. Edgar Hoover (Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigations) "The Indianapolis Sunday Star-This Week Magazine Section" - "War On The Sex Criminal," Sep. 26, 1937

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