Own your ow legal marijuana business
Your guide to making money in the multi-billion dollar marijuana industry
Own your ow legal marijuana business
Your guide to making money in the multi-billion dollar marijuana industry
The Complete Guide to Hashish

Making Marijuana Cannabis Honey Oil Like A Pro,

It does not matter how you started making marijuana honey oil,
if you have done this your not done ! If its Butane , Iso , or grain
if you have not taken these simple steps than you are not finished yet,
one more thing to do now, to get those impurities out , & Have
those yummy Flavor's locked in and oh that Golden magic color.

by Master Thai

Isomerization of Raw Plant Extract

Supply list

1.) Large Glass Beaker (500 to 1000 mils.)

2.) Large eulmeyer Flask (500 to 1000 mils.) With vacuum filter and funnel.

3.) #50 filter papers

4.) Length of clear hose ( to connect to vacuum )

5.) Charcoal / norit (activated charcoal, must be lab-grade only )

6.) 100% Grain alcohol ( Everclear )

7.) Sulfuric or Hydrochloric Acid ( bye in small quantities, a little goes a long ways)

8.) Scale ( triple beam or lab-jewlery scale only , perfer Triple Beam, No batteries to run down and give a mis-reads of weight's )

9.) Calculater

10.) Pencil & Note Pad


1. Using raw extract weigh mass and take note.
2. Add 10 times this amount of grain alcohol & mix with raw extract in beaker.
3. Take a pH reading & write this down.
4. Using a small dropper, Add 1 drop of Acid, (slowly , this will react & get warm, SO BE CAUTIOUS) for each gram of raw extract & stir with glass rod.
5. Using a volume of charcoal / norit equal to the solution ( raw extract/ alcohol mix ) Add this to the solution and agitate for 2 or 3 minutes.
6. Take a second pH reading subtracts from first reading.
The difference is a good starting point to add Bicarbonate of Soda at a 1 to 1 ratio, Or 1 gram of Soda to 1 drop of Acid.
Add Soda slowly ( this too will react ).
Take a third pH reading ; then adjust the pH according to the first reading using Soda or Acid to match the first reading.
You should achieve a pH of 6.5 to 7.5 The sweet stuff is at a range around 6.6 or 6.8 range.
7. Set up the eulmeyer flask with filter and vacuum source ( tap water is your source ) Then turn water on & pour solution slowly into funnel portion of the flask. At this point when you have pulled the solution into the flask, rinse the beaker with a small amount of alcohol to get the remainder.
8. At this point the alcohol can be evaporated if necessary or reduced to the desired consistency depending on intent of use.
The infra red lite Master uses works well - very good here.(A must do-have)
9. Clean up all equipment and put away and now enjoy :
REAL HONEY OIL, its not fake or halfway like ALL other methods shown here in this section.
Like Master Thai's Grandfather said to him a long time ago :
If your going to do it half way than just dont do it at all
Be a pro not a poser Grasshopper
Advise well taken.
So now you know how it works ( Real Honey Oil ) enjoy your efforts, and relax with the REAL Stuff and see what you all been missing.

peace ,
Master Thai ;-)

Master Vaporiser's Oil with a Real Oil Pipe ( not a dope pipe)

Raw extracts where it all has to start , does not matter if Butane or alcohol its not real or finished until you follow
these easy steps. Water Purging or dried Butane samples are not Honey Oil, until then --------------------
its just pot oil that's the difference Grasshoppers. I hope Master was a help and now we will Have Oil for Peace for
everyone !

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