Own your ow legal marijuana business
Your guide to making money in the multi-billion dollar marijuana industry
Own your ow legal marijuana business
Your guide to making money in the multi-billion dollar marijuana industry
The Complete Guide to Hashish

What Is Hash Oil

It's a thick, potent oil made from hashish. It can be made by heating and pressing hash to release the oil. (Same process can be used to make hash from marijuana, but carried to an extreme.)

It usually becomes available in England and parts of Canada for short periods of time every so often, but it is harder to find in most parts of the US. It commonly sold in 1 gram to 5 gram vials made of glass or plastic.

It's very thick, and sticks to everything. It ruins clothes; the only thing that will take it off your skin or counter tops is denatured alcohol or a similar solvent. The stickiest shit I have ever seen. And I have seen some pretty sticky stuff.

The buzz is very relaxing, almost paralyzing.


How Is Hash Oil Used

The most common method of smoking it I've seen is to use the clear plastic tube that is the body of a bic disposable pen. Pull out the end cap, and pull out the ink/ball-point thingy. Result: a clear plastic tube.

Then, use something that won't burn or melt, like a pin, straight part of a paper clip, jewelers screw driver, or something similar to dip in the oil. What you want to do is just get a little oil on the bottom 1/8 inch, or so, of whatever it is that you are using.

Heat the oil on the pin or whatever you used by holding it over the burning part of a lit joint without letting them touch. In a few seconds the oil will drop onto the burning joint and burn. Hold the end of the tube above the joint and suck in the smoke.

After a few tries you will be able to determine how much oil to use without letting any go to waste.

For a nicer piece of equipment, take an old tablespoon. Bend the handle so that the handle bends away from the bowl, and then back so that it is pointing up away from the bowl.

Attach the same pen tube to the handle, with some tape, so that the tube points down into the bowl of the spoon. Smear oil into bowl of spoon, and heat spoon from bottom. (This only takes two hands.)

Another technique, if you roll your own cigarettes, is to smear a streak of oil on a cigarette paper, and then roll a cigarette with this paper. Better still, roll it with some herb.

                               hashbubblebag.jpg (117561 bytes)

Vapor method: put an old knife on a stove burner (use an electric stove; use a gas job at your own risk). Let it get nice and hot (red hot isn't too hot, but of course you don't wanna deform the knife). Get a paper towel tube or similar-size tube and gather everyone around close.

Use an instrument like the one discussed above, to get a little dab of oil, stand ready with the tube, press the screwdriver against the hot blade and suck.

Don't take too much; it's got incredible expand properties. The stuff will smoke uncontrollably till it's gone, so make sure everyone gets in their suck without letting too much go to waste (it's good if everyone has their own tube).

Another good way to smoke it is to put a drop into the weed in a pipe. However you do it, take small hits. The stuff is lethal on your lungs.

To get the most bang for your buck, put about 10 grams in a 13x7" brownie pan with your favorite brownie recipe. Be sure to mixed the oil in well. Cut into ~1.25" squares. If you do it like this, you will get about 50 squares. If you pay $350 for 10 grams of oil, the cost of a square will be $7.

Eat one and have a wonderful night (sex is highly recommended). Eat two and become part of your favorite couch for 5 hours or so. Eat 5 or 6 and find out what heroin's like without having to mess with needles.

How To Buy Hash Oil

Do not buy hash oil that is black in color, it might be weed oil. Weed oil is shit and should cost less than weed, the buzz is of very short duration.

There is very good hash oil that is dark in color, but the lighter the color, the more refined and potent it is.

Try to buy stuff that looks like honey, "honey oil" it should have a semi-appealing smell, not as good a smell as hash though.

If in doubt, buy a small amount, a gram or less. Three tokes should get you off, for a really good 30 minute buzz. If you are not sure, it's not hash oil, don't buy anymore.



Marijuana Books Available Here Online

Over 350 very well researched pages about the history, consumption, production, and other aspects of the substance known as hashish. The book is easy to read and the only book to get if you are interested in making, using, or learning about hashish.

The first 300 pages thoroughly trace hash history, methods of consumption, pressing and storing, and cultures. The last 50 pages go into great detail about traditional and modern methods of making, hashish.

Lavishly illustrated, dozens if not hundreds of black and white images and graphs with 16 full page, full color images. Appealing to illicit substance consumers and history buffs alike.

The Art of Modern Hashmaking:
Methods for Preparation of
Extremely Potent Cannabis Products

Nice book if you would like to make oil. Sounds like it would deal with hashmaking, but the book is very brief when it comes to that. It only tells of one way to make hash. If you are interested in making hash, get the book "Hashish" above.

This book tells you exactly how to prepare small amounts (grams and ounces) of Cannabis extracts and preparations using readily available kitchen pots and pans and a few chemistry set novelties. Also describes a larger set-up utilizing a 55 gallon drum.

More Hashish Books


There has been much controversy as of late as to the most effective methods of administrating medical marijuana. The questionable report published by the 1500 physician members of the PSFC has awakened public awareness as to the possible potential dangers of smoking Medical Marijuana. Of critical import to these persons was the obvious delusionary unsubstantiated transferal of the tobacco tar ratios vs. cancer rates of tobacco smokers into the realm of the tar ratio/cancer rates of medical marijuana smokers. In their ill preparedness they hastily neglect to mention the absence of even a single solitary death from cancer being attributed to marijuana smoking and the tars thereof. Notwithstanding the evidence that a small town dies in America every year from Tobacco smoke, the primary point to remember, NONE from marijuana, ever. Of course in all medical therapeutic pharmacopoeia there is a harm reduction principle that must be addressed, and with medical marijuana it is no different than other medications. Morphine, percodan , amyl nitrate, acetaminophen, all have safe measured dosage and potentially dangerous side effects. To not seek alternative methods of effective treatment using medical marijuana would be contrary to the development of this sacred medicine as a whole, and detrimental to physicians in their conscientious treatment of patients. I personally believe that the person being treated has to ultimately, armed with as complete as an informed picture as they may obtain, make the decision as to the treatment regime that is suggested and/or instituted by their practitioner.

 To this end I address the issue of medical marijuana consumption by smoking and offer a palatable alternative to the tar ratios so hyped upon by the general masses as an issue of safety vs. efficacy. The following method described will allow you to refine your leaf or your prized flowering tops into a resinous, gooey substance that delivers huge medical benefits. As well your conscience can rest easy with a warm fuzzy feeling all over, knowing that your tar levels are being kept to a bare minimum during inhalation of your medical marijuana. The following procedure should not be undertaken without serious study and following all normal adult precautions. This means if you are not adult do not try this at home, or home alone.

The amount of honey oil produced on first glance may seem a little discouraging. Take Heart Though. Medical Marijuana can vary in THC content from 0.5% for low grade leaf to over 25% for high potency medicine, but on average the normal quality material is in the 5-10% range. With optimal conditions, it is possible to refine approximately one gram of Honey oil from each ounce of low-grade leaf and between 3 and 5 grams of Honey oil from each ounce of high-grade flowering tops. The enormous advantage of this technique is that it transforms leaf from a generally undesirable form into a consumable, superior medicine. This Honey Oil is more appropriate for medical use by :

A: Separating the questionable tars and ash-producing fiber from the desired medical constituents.

B: Eliminating the amount of non-medical ingredients e.g. plant fibers, tars, resins, which are normally inhaled when medicating, to virtually nil, which logically reduces and minimizes exposure of the lungs to compromising and potentially hazardous conditions.

C: Effectively lowers the amount of medication needed to ingest during disorder treatment/management due to its highly concentrated nature and overall superior medical efficacy thereof.

D: Can substantially lower the cost of self-medicating for section 56 exemptees as well as those not yet approved. Many Section 56 Exemptees are too ill to maintain a quality medical marijuana garden, and/or are too financially strained to expend startup costs estimated in the thousands for medicine the government cannot deliver.


This method has its origins from an industrial extraction method known as Supercritical Fluid Extraction. You can use over-the-counter butane gas (6-8 oz can, Canadian Tire as the solvent/distillate, and requires nothing more than Copper tubing and ends. The Copper pipe consists of a section one and a half feet long by 1&3/4-inch diameter, and two copper end caps. Butane "unofficially", is said to be superior at isolating and distilling the desirable components of the medical marijuana, extracting only a beautiful amber "honey oil" and leaving the undesirable and potentially unhealthy vegetative oils, waxes, chlorophyll, etc behind in the fibrous plant matter. Even unsmokable shade leaves will produce potent honey oil with this technique. It would only be logical to deduce that the better grade of Sacred herb you refine, the better the resulting Oil

So here is your list of necessary ingredients

1. Can of butane 8 oz.

2. One and a half feet of copper pipe, one-inch minimum diameter, as well as two copper end caps of appropriate size.

3. A vessel that can hold the liquid product during synthesis. Beakers are perfect. A glass tumbler will do in a pinch.

4: A coat hanger can be bent into shape to accommodate the copper tube as a stand for it during the distillation process. This is a good idea to prevent frostbite. The copper gets REAL COLD.

5. A oven mitt or towel to hold copper tube during activation process with butane.

6. A well ventilated room or garage with Fans.


  1. In one of the copper end caps, drill a single small hole in the center. This hole should be sized to tightly receive the spray nozzle of your butane can.(1/8" bit)
  2. In the other end cap, drill 6 or 8 small holes clustered in the center of the cap.
  3. After putting a piece of coffee filter inside for filtration, across the bottom, put the end cap with several holes on that end of the pipe. Push it on there real tight. This is now officially, the bottom.
  4. Fill the chamber up with marijuana that has been pureed into as fine as possible powder. The object is to fill the chamber without making it so dense as to restrict the drainage of the butane after injection.
  5. Place the top end cap on the pipe. Again, push it on as securely as you can by hand.
  6. Find a location outdoors with a decent breeze or turn your fans on full in your room/garage. You want the butane fumes to be dissipated as quickly as possible with minimum exposure.
  7. Mount the pipe (single hole-side up) over the glass receiving vessel. Using a coat hanger or a regular shop clamp if it's all you have, anything that can hold it sturdy is good. (Avoid metal if you can, thereby reducing the chance of spark.) Position the bottom end of the copper pipe as close to if not inside the glass-receiving vessel to eliminate spillage and loss.
  8. Turn the butane gas can upside down and inject the gas into the copper tubing (chamber) via the single top hole you drilled in it. A whole 8 oz can takes about 30-45 seconds to empty. Be EXTRA Careful. A spark at this moment would spell explosion since you have basically created a leaking incendiary explosive device (read ouch)
  9. When the butane can has completely emptied into the chamber, place it off at a nice distance and let nature do its thing.

    What happens next is that the butane gradually moves down the pipe, distilling the marijuana resins as it goes. After it distills through the marijuana, it begins to drain into the receiving vessel, our glass bowl. You should clearly see the pale, yellow-green-gold hue of the extract. It is easily seen that no chlorophyll or other non-medical substances were distilled out of the Marijuana, just pure unadulterated medicine.

    Over the next 10 minutes, the butane/cannabis oil mixture will finish draining from the copper pipe into the glass receiving vessel. Exercise EXTREME CAUTION when handling the pipe since there is still lots of resin/butane mixture evaporating from within the copper chamber (careful examination and you can see the stream of fumes coming from the top hole). When it slows down to a drop every few seconds, you can tap on the top hole and it will help force the last of the liquid mixture out. Remember, NO SMOKING, yet.

    Being a very low-boil, high-volatile type of substance that it is, the butane begins boiling/evaporating at ambient (room) temperature. You'll see the receiving vessel begin to frost up as the butane cools it down. This however, is detrimental to the process as it is slowing down the rate of necessary evaporation. Restoring evaporation is as easy as setting the glass container in a saucepan containing a few inches of warm water. You should see the butane start bubbling with the increase in temperature, do not panic as it is part of the process. Again, the best place to be doing this is outdoors with a nice breeze, but a well-ventilated garage with a fan or two will do in a pinch. It takes 20 minutes or more for the butane to evaporate sufficiently. Your end product should be a thick liquid with a deep amber, almost gold colour of amazing purity and awesome medical efficacy.

    A great method for collecting the Honey oil is after all of the butane evaporates off, then redistill the oil in some high-% alcohol minimum 90%, 100% preferred. Then carefully pour this into a vial and let it sit out for 24 hours or so to allow the alcohol to fully evaporate. Trying to transfer the oil into a small container while it is still solvated by the butane is risky at best. If you can get pure or 99% isopropyl, use it, because THC's does not evaporate in isopropyl.
    The final medicine is deep golden-amber Honey oil of the highest quality, supremely pure and potent. This method extracts only the prized medicinal ingredients and leaves the undesirables in the marijuana fiber. By refining and processing our medicines, we are setting a precedent as well as facilitating a principle of harm reduction that is paramount to all persons who are subject to self-medicating, especially those participating in the Federal Health Canada Exemption program for Medical Marijuana.
    Those who prefer a tincture-like preparation you can dilute this medicine with a bit of warm high-percentage, minimum 90% alcohol, then use topically on arthritic limbs and the like. Or mixed with a petroleum gel it can be used as an ointment or salve as required. Another boon is the use of the Honey oil as an additive to foodstuffs. Simply add to warm sauces or soups before serving. There are even tales of Jams and Marmalades, and Tasty too. In all preparations with medical marijuana, remember the 200-degree rule, at 200 degrees THC begins to evaporate, and loses medical efficacy thereafter. I hope all who try this preparation technique will be blessed with wisdom in their application of such knowledge and responsibility through their use of knowledge for the benefit of man.

A Few Important Tips: Besides NO SMOKING

  1. Coffee filters, fine clothe and even paper towel to attach to the bottom of the tube all seem to work just fine.
  3. Scrape all you can from your glass container, then use some Isopropyl (min 90%) to get the remainder, then boil that off over very low heat, less than 200 degrees is necessary to avoid THC evaporation
  4. Let the oil sit over something warm, e.g. Floor heater or warming plate for 3 hours as some of the butane may still be left behind. Leaving it warm until it stops bubbling is necessary
  5. Try to do the butane injection into the tube outdoors, then bring in the dish to finish evaporating. There is very little odour but remember that Butane is a combustible substance so all precautions must be taken to avoid open flame.
  6. Make sure you clean the copper tube very well as it can corrode if left dirty over a long period of time. There is no interaction between the butane and copper so you don't have to worry about any copper residue in the final product.
  7. Make the holes at the bottom of the tube small. Smaller than the top one by about half.
  8. Around 2 minutes after the butane has emptied, remove the butane can and blow into the copper chamber to force the last little bit of prized golden liquid out.
  9. DO Not, I repeat DO NOT USE camping butane, some brands mix in a chemical that gives off an odour to detect leaks and other brands even put poisonous chemicals into it to deter drug manufacturers.
  10. . A tube can hold approximately 1 oz of finely chopped tops or shake (stems too). It is highly recommended that you use a coffee grinder, bud-buster, or blender to chop the marijuana as fine as possible to ensure maximum distillation and proportionate exposure during injection, and you want to fill the tube within an inch of the top. Don't pack the marijuana in tightly, but you don't want any air pockets in the chamber either.
  11. Try to use at least a 8oz can of butane. Some good folks tried the following butanes, Ronson, Colibri and Lite-it. Reportedly Ronson worked good , but Colibri says its 99% free of impurities and in medicine we don't want any leftover butane residues or impurities in the final medicines. The other brand was horrible, it left a weird taste to the oil so was never heard from again.
  12. Try to slowly release the butane into the copper tube, the slower the release of the butane, the longer the interaction between the marijuana and butane and the more THC is distilled, the more quality the medicine has. Also don't remove the can of butane from the tube until a minute or two after it's finished and emptied. A steady pressure must be maintained to help push the Honey oil through the marijuana fiber.
  13. It takes a whole 6 oz can of butane for about 1/2 of a vial of Honey oil (1 vial = 1gram) but you can use the marijuana in the chamber tube a second time. Simply remove the shake out of the chamber and refill it and use another 6oz can. Smaller cans do not work. Don't even attempt, it there will be no fluid to drain out, it won't even make it to the bottom and will just sit in the tube.
  14. You can expect to get about 1gram of Honey oil for every 1oz of low-grade shake and 12oz of butane. The Amount and color of the oil varies due to amount of THC in the marijuana your using.
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