Legal Documents from

United States of America
Oakland Cannabis Buyers' Cooperative
and Jeffrey Jones

Update: 2002 May 1

We've posted most of our exhibits as Adobe's PDF. Adobe offers readers here. Some items link to PDF with text derived from ocr.

If you're eager to get current on our affairs, you may link to this digest of essential documents; you can download the lot in under ten megabytes (10MB).

US District Court, after Remand

On Remand in Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals

US Supreme Court


9th Circuit Court of Appeals

Ninth Circuit - Case # 98-16950, 17044, 17137

Ninth Circuit - Case # 98-16950 Appeal Order Denying Motion to Modify 98-00088

Ninth Circuit - Case # 98-17044 Appeal Order Denying Motion to Dismiss 98-00088

Ninth Circuit - Case # 98-15838, -15844, -15879

Ninth Circuit - Case # 00-16411

Ninth Circuit - Case #98-177044

Ninth Circuit - Case #98-16950

Ninth Circuit Court Case #98-17044


US District Court - Northern California

District Court - 98-00085,-00086,-00087,00088,00245

District Court Case - 98-00086

District Court Case 98-00088



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