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International Cannabis Alliance of
Researchers and Educators

     I-CARE is a Virginia based corporation that represents health care professionals with expertise in the area of therapeutic Cannabis/marijuana.  Included in the corporation's personnel portfolio are nurses, professional educators, medical doctors, researchers, legal experts and historians who are experts on Cannabis and its interface with other professional disciplines.

     There are at least 500 million persons who use Cannabis worldwide and at least 85 million U.S. citizens who use Cannabis on a regular basis.  The health care professional, as well as the Cannabis user, must understand all the health ramifications of Cannabis use.  The fact that Cannabis is illegal is not germane in the discussion of human health.  The corporate purpose of I-CARE is to educate the public and health care professionals in particular about this therapeutic plant called Cannabis.

     I-CARE released it's award winning 17 minute video: "Marijuana as Medicine" in 1993.  Featuring the first five U.S. government-supplied marijuana patients, it provides a powerful introduction to the historical and political prohibition of Cannabis as a medicine.

     I-CARE has written a book, Cannabis in Medical Practice (Mary Lynn Mathre RN, editor), that is scheduled for release on July 1st, 1997 by McFarland & Company, Inc., publishers.  This work is a compilation of the input of over a dozen Cannabis experts from the United States, the Netherlands, Jamaica, and Brazil.  It is the definitive and most comprehensive book ever produced about the Cannabis plant's therapeutic qualities for humans and the planet and its interface with U.S. laws and politics.

     I-CARE provides expert witnesses in legal cases involving therapeutic Cannabis use; authors articles and commentary for various magazines and periodicals throughout the U.S.; and consults to corporate, government, political and professional organizations concerning therapeutic Cannabis.

     I-CARE may be reached at Fish Pond Plantation, 1472 Fish Pond Road, Howardsville, VA, 24562 or call (804) 263-4484.  To order "Marijuana as Medicine" send $15.00 (includes all costs) to I-CARE.  "Cannabis in Medical Practice" will be available to order from I-CARE and McFarland & Co. in July of 1997, or ask for it at your local bookstore or library.


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