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Therapeutic Cannabis References


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Bonnie & Whitebread and Herer provide the history of the
prohibition of marijuana and the lies and scare tactics used to
enact the laws.  The Shafer Commission addresses the numerous myths
about marijuana use and offers a more rational approach to public

Mikuriya and the Institute of Medicine provide a historical review
of studies on the therapeutic value of marijuana as well as
possible health risks.

Randall's books provide the transcripts from the legal case
(testimony and Judge Young's final decision) to get marijuana
removed from the Schedule I category of Controlled Substances.

Grinspoon & Bakalar give a current review of marijuana's
therapeutic potential with numerous anecdotes of individual
patients, including many patients who use it illegally, some of
whom have suffered legal consequences.


Byrne, A. & Mathre, M.L. (Producers).  (1992).  Marijuana as
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U.S. Department of Agriculture.  (Producer).  (1942).  Hemp for
     Victory.  (video).  Guysville, OH: Ohio Hempery (1-800-BUY-
     HEMP).  $14.95.

Computer files:

Patients out of Time: a non-profit organization formed to lobby for patient access to therapeutic use of marijuana has an electronic bulletin board system. This bulletin board contains research data, historical records, legal cases, legislation, and position papers by organizations relating to the topic of medical cannabis. It can be reached by modem at (804) 263-8237. The internet e-mail address is: Mary_Lynn@patient.win.net

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