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First my I start by saying.  GOD BLESS YOU!  I suffer form chronic migraines an average of 150 hours / week for the last 16 years, that is until I read information in a small article you wrote or provided last year about use of THC for migraine headaches.  The last 9 months has been a DRASTIC improvement...8-).  I have been on 12 different medications for the headaches from Midrin, Cataflam, Butralbital APAP to Codeine and Morpine.  And Tropol XL for heart rate during headaches.  But now The THC ( smoked ), I only use Midrin for the heavy attacks and Tropor because the cannabis does increase my heart rate.  The Marijuana allows me to perform daily activity including, work! and Mountain Bike racing.  I owe you my life...  No shit.  I was at the end of my rope.  I could not stand it.  I woke up crying everyday, mad I did not die in my sleep.  Afraid to wake up a face another day in hell.  Once more, THANK YOU!!!

Would it be out of the question to receive information on migraines and Marijuana?  You can e-mail me a file at rgregg@clubmet.metrobbs.com.  Or even better by real mail with a picture so I can show everyone the man who told me and the world what everyone else in the world lied to us about.

( Or a phone call if you have the time so I can REALLY thank you )

Ryan Gregg
1525 W22ND TERR.
Lawrence, KS 66046

(913) 832-9345 ( 6:00pm-11:00pm central time )

Thank you.
I do owe you one.

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