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Carl Olsen's Marijuana Archive
                            209 High St. Apt. K
                            Searsboro, IA 50242
                              (515) 593-6321
                               July 13, 1995

Iowans for Medical Marijuana
Mr. Carl Olsen
P.c).Box 4091
Des Moines, IA 50333

Dear Carl:

My apologies for failing to write until now, but my hectic summer schedule
has allowed very little time for writing. First, I want to thank you for
all of your assistance with the medicinal marijuana project Senator
Szymoniak assigned to me as part of my internship. Your knowledge and
support opened my eyes to an interesting dilemma in the United States -- a
politically incorrect substance is not available to patients regardless of
the drug's safety and efficiency.

I do not support the illegal use of drugs nor do I believe marijuana
should be legalized. However, patients should not suffer unnecessarily
because of powerful lobbying groups and influenced politicians. I applaud
your efforts to help those who could truly benefit from medicinal
marijuana, and I would enjoy updates on the status of your political
battle. As I will be attending law school at the University of Iowa
beginning this Fall, I will probably have very little spare time.
Nevertheless, I would like to continue our correspondence as I believe it
would be mutually beneficial.

One last bit of information. I am originally from California and when I
was visiting some relatives in May, I read that the California State
Senate passed some type of bill that would allow for the medicinal use of
marijuana, you may want to check into it father. Thank you again for
allowing me to share in some of your knowledge and keep in touch.


Larisa Thomas-Norris
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