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 1 A Joint Resolution supporting the use of marijuana for medical
 2    purposes in the state of Iowa.
 3    WHEREAS, significant scientific and medical studies have
 4 demonstrated that marijuana is safe for use under medical
 5 supervision and that the cannabis plant, in its natural form, has
 6 important therapeutic benefits that are often of critical medical
 7 importance to persons afflicted with a variety of life-
 8 threatening and sense-threatening illnesses; and
 9    WHEREAS, courts have recognized marijuana's medical value in
10 treatment and have ruled that marijuana can be a drug of
11 "necessity" in the treatment of glaucoma, cancer, AIDS, and
12 multiple sclerosis; and
13    WHEREAS, the people of the state of Iowa believe that well-
l4 trained medical professionals rather than remote federal
15 bureaucrats should be responsible for determining a patient's
16 medical care routine; and
17    WHEREAS, seriously ill Iowans and other Americans are
18 unnecessarily suffering because of federal policies which legally
19 prohibit marijuana's legitimate medical use; and
20    WHEREAS, Iowa Code section 124.206, subsection 7, paragraph
21 "a", enacted in 1979, allows the use of marijuana for medical
22 purposes in the state of Iowa, expressing the intent of the Iowa
23 General Assembly that marijuana should be available for
24 legitimate medical purposes; and

 1    WHEREAS, these problems are not particular to the state of
 2 Iowa, but generally affect the citizens of all states adversely;

 1    That the Iowa General Assembly memorializes the President
 2 and the United States Congress to end federal prohibitions
 3 against marijuana's legitimate medical use by creating a
 4 rational system of prescriptive medical access to marijuana;
 5 and
 6    BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That copies of this Resolution be
 7 transmitted to the Honorable Bill Clinton, President of the
 8 United States; the Honorable Albert Gore, Vice President of
 9 the United States and President of the United States Senate;
10 the Honorable Newt Gingrich, Speaker of the United States
11 House of Representatives; the Honorable Robert Dole, Majority
12 Leader of the United States Senate; Donna Shalala, Secretary
13 of the United States Department of Health and Human Services;
14 Janet Reno, United States Attorney General; and the members of
15 Iowa's congressional delegation.
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