Date: Mon, 7 Sep 1998
Subject: Re: Personal Message to Bro. Carl from Dennis Ivy (Bro. Ivy's Son)
Sender: CAROLINE <>
To: "Carl E. Olsen" <>

Louv Brother Carl,

Let Perfect Louv and friendship reign through all eternity, eternity draweth nigh and goud draweth nigh to thee, for the spirit of louv extols us to be one.  It is a calling to fulfil to do all powers in gain to do Rastafari's will, his will, is a blessed will, and His will must be done.  As it is in the earth as it is in the heavens.

Brotheman, My personal testimony about Louv himself, who lives within I, Is to first talk of Rastafari.  We have to first know where the word Binghiman come from.  First it was beardman, then blackheartman then satan, then all the scavingers names of the earth.  The little man which no man seemed to understand, with his little couchie pipe and the word with the herb.  When I first saw Father Louv, I saw him with a whole heap of brethren amongst him.  It was a gospel teaching among brethren, teaching them how to louv one another, teaching them how to care about them one another.  My name Ziggy, arose from the time when those brethren were present.

In those days, Rastaman had a hard fight to keep his children amongst him.  I was the only baby amongst father louv at that time.  My brotherman, it was a constant fight between my mother and father, to keep me amongst the Binghi.  I think Brother Wally's last wife, Sister Joanne was another child who was amongst the Binghi.

The reason why I am telling you all this, is because all those brethren that I mention, Bro Keith, Brother Wally, Brother Cool, Brother Buggy, Brother Jack, Brother Kutman, Brother Freeman, Brother Shine, Brother Ivy and Brother Bunny.  There are many others which I cannot name as well as the many Sisters who were there.  (everyone was trying to live up to perfection of that louv taught by Louva)  It is the same louv that the brethren of today, that came from Niah Keith, are trying to find the perfection of that louv.  This is what Jawbone has put within my spirit now, to put to all the brethren that came from Father Louv and my Father and Brother Keith.  (not forgeting the sisters and their children).  A question.

The question I would like to ask of the brothers and sisters, in this time (1998) Is it Goud who made Man or Man who made Goud?  Louv, rules us all, in music, in culture, in identity and in forgiveness.  In nature, In the spirit of louv.

Brothers and Sisters, I louv you all, and I pray that you can open your eyes and remember where all of us are coming from.

My father, some know him as Brother Ivy some know him as Jawbone and some know him as barefoot , bruk neck and the coal burner.  When my father came to the gospel of Rastafari, my mother abandoned him because that wasn't a life which she was prepared to live.  So I became a tug of war situation about who should have custody of me.

I continued to live with my father at camp which was Halls Delight.  My Uncle Bunny was there, and I was always louved by Brother Keith, Brother Wally and many others at that time.  Back on the line with Father Louv as I am only reasoning with you and my Brothers and Sisters.  The Jamaican public services used to blast stones in those days at Halls Delight, and one day whilst they blasted the rocks, Father Louva came around the back of the camp where I used to play (he wasn't aware that I was there at the time) and he came out mystically, with a couchie pipe with a puff of smoke and said "Lightening to Bumbu Claat," "Thunder to Blood Claat," "Rain, wet up unu rase claat."  Immediately it all happened the, lightening flashed and thundered rolled,and rain poured.  It was at that moment in time that I came to the knowledge (even though I was a child) that Man is Goud.

Do you think, my brothers and sisters, from every part of the earth, even those who are in jail who have fought for this, that Father Ivy known to you or Jawbone would have sacrificed his life, his family, his children for a faith that is not true?

My father wanted white people to bear witness for louv just the same as the blackman who bore witness.  The louv of Goud is for everyone, it has no boundaries or barriers, it works miracles around us.  The manifestation of Father Louv's Brethren, who went different directions from that time, transcended into various denominations of Rastafari.  Niahbinghi, Boboshantis, Congo Natty many livities came from the Belouved Father Louva, (it is good to check his history).

Have no fear my brother and sisters louv is here.  He lingers in our heart's everyday.  He is a spirit that awakes us and puts us to rest.  Even the muscians have to louv him and beat their timbrels and call upon louv to set them free.  Even myself, I play music and give him thanks daily.  He makes me happy and makes the wicked sad.  I come not to judge who is right from who is wrong.  Each and everyone has a day, wether it's a good one or a bad one.

The Belouved Niah Keith, I will address him Indeed, his mercy endureth, ever faithful ever sure.  He always louved  to see his brethren have things in abundance, sometimes he even shared out himself.  He always gave out money to make everyone happy however the more he gave the less he had.  Niah Keith don't teach this gospel any different to how Brother Ivy taught it.  It's the livity that is important.  Brother Keith carried out the manifestation of my father whilst he was not present.  Chu!! the Binghiman get tired, he just couldn't take it no more.  Whatever he did amongst brethren, that offended them I am asking that you forgive his soul cause when a man tired he is just tired.

Louv in a de Goud House to all Coptic Brethren and the Sisters and the Children who grew with this and who all of the young ones on their way coming, my brothers and sisters embrace each other with louv daily as we are coming to the end of babylon's millenium (and a we first start it)

Louv, and forgiveness, tranquility and peace and no news carrying and backbiting, just plain and simple louv cause the whole world is watching, even Jawbone.

Brother Carl, I would like this message to reach everyone and give thanks for your work through this medium, tell the brother's don't give up, as louv will always defend us, no matter which way the pendulum swings.

I louv you all and this is all I can say for now until I hear from you in due time

Louv from Brother Dennis

This is the season for louv

Louv Brotherman smile, Jawbone louvs you all.

Louv will take care of us do not be afraid
He takes care of us through sunshine and shade
He will take care of us, trust him for all