From: "MARCIA IVY" <>
To: <>
Subject: personal message to Bro. Carl
Date: Sat, 26 Dec 1998

Louv Brother Carl

Louv in the mighty name of the Father, Jawbone the backbone.  Share louv with all the brothers and  sisters and those that are going through great tribulation and get frustrated at times.

I plead in Father Ivy's name.  My Father gave his life for each and everyone of us, to have a faith that Babylon could no longer hold us in captivity and mental slavery, under human rights.  Sometimes it feels so painful as the firstborn, to see that a man made a sacrifice that made for everyone to eat, be merry and happy and then it can be blown out of proportion because I am still asking one question brother Carl, and still cannot get an answer.

Both who walk Brother Louv walk and both who walk Brother Ivy walk and both who walk Brother Keith walk and both who walk Brother Wally walk.  The question is still be asked going up to the year 2000, and this for all the brethren going through tribulation of the soul.  Everyone of us, has to ask ourselves this question, "Is it Goud make Man or Man make Goud"?  For me the spirit Ziggy known as Brother Ivy's Son, spirit make spirit and meets spirit and become one.  It is only when the spirit is at dispute with another spirit is when we have turbulence in the heavens that declare the glory of Goud.  That is why George Baker Ivy, in the hills of Halls Delight, left all his brethren with a legacy of louv to share amongst themselves of the embodiment of his resurrected spirit.  He said the Sunday night in Ozzie light before going up to his one bedroom ground house as another poor brethren, "take this, it will be the last, because the lamb will not come back to the slaughter". 

Because the lamb has not come back to the slaughter, Brother Ivy has left the Watchman and the Watchwoman for louv,  Many have ate the last supper many say psalms many give thanks. many see him as the messiah.  They have built many names for him.  I see him as my creator, many are talking about sin.  This is one of the first sins I have known at Ozzie light for myself.  The first time in my life that I ever suffered wants, I stole $20 from the camp.  I was flogged before all the congregation of brethren by my father, Bro.. Ivy.  I was physically flogged with guava whip and tamarind until my back was raw, beaten like how a slave would be beaten in the past.  Brian and David will never forget that day.  It was an example that Father Ivy did set a couple of weeks before he departed.  He made it plain that everyone was going to have to stand up for their own sins he took death for his I took knowledge for mine.  Everyone has to stand up for their own judgement, you couldn't talk about sin to be free from sin, you would have to die form sin and resurrect into righteousness.  The resurrection is just louv amongst ourselves.

Anyway one louv brother Carl, Jawbone louv unnu same way.  In the new year we will have another grandson or grand-daughter of Father Ivy.  Niahman the little poor goud a go on same way.  Me jus a touch yu spirit man is a long time me nuh hear from you.  Goud's will.  Louv.

Sometimes I wonder what has happened to Bro.. Tommy and my dearly beloved Bro.. Nathan and his wife.  Is there any way that I could connect with them.  I would also like to know if there is any way I could get in contact with Bro.. Allen in Jamaica?  Give my louv also to Bro.. Jim Tramner and tell him the spirit of the Bone is watching and that he speaks the truth.  Everyman has his day when he will be free, I am praying for the day when he will be free and so too his son Brian. Goud bless their souls.

For you Bro.. Carl, I hope you are ok when these words reach you, my system broke down for a while, that is why I didn't get in touch with you.  So give thanks, and I hope the new year brings us lots and lots more joy.  One Louv, Goud's will.