Robert Lawrence
P. O. Box 515, Fountain, FL 32438

Charlie Holbrook, 57954-080
1900 Simler Avenue (Camp)
Big Spring, TX 79720-7700

Dear Charlie,

    Hope you have a moment to help me understand your position as expressed in the Summer '97 issue #19 of the IOWA NORML NEWS LETTER.   I was particularly drawn to your comment about refusing the "sacrament" and "working to bring about the New Kingdom".  My main questions are; In what way is cannabis a sacrament to you? and, What would constitute bringing about "The New Kingdom"?
    The reason that I asked is that you did quote some scripture from the Bible and therefore I assume you were speaking of the same Kingdom that the Bible speaks of and perhaps viewing the herb, marijuana, as the Body of Christ as do many Christian Coptic and Rasta groups around the world in place of using bread and wine.
    Would abolishing all laws regarding marijuana be in and of itself THE NEW KINGDOM?  Do you believe that this is what the Bible is speaking of?  During prohibition of alcohol there was a period of persecution for many American Catholics because they refused to substitute grape juice for wine.  Do you feel they might have been wiser to stop taking Communion and spend their energy changing U.S. law?  Even today there are Christians all over the world who are tortured and killed, separated from their families and imprisoned because they meet, take Communion and read scriptures together.
    Do you believe that it might be wise for those Christians to stop taking their sacrament, stop reading their Bibles and meeting together and instead spend their time working to bring about legal reforms in their respective countries?  So far in all of history I have never heard of Christians, or any other religious group facing persecution, stopping their religious practices and working on legal reforms that would legitimize their beliefs.  Can you really imagine the first Century Christians deciding to put their faith on hold while they petitioned the Roman Senate for permission to believe?  Would not asking them if we could PLEASE practice our religion be tantamount to acknowledging Ceasar as being Lord over things which Christ declared were not the business of Ceasar?
    I have done a lot of work to try and help sick people attain a natural medicine which works for them and alleviate their suffering and I have no doubt that those who are filled with superstition that causes them to fear God's organic creations should be educated for the sake of the persecuted as well as for the sake of those souls who are bound by ignorance and fear.  In doing so I believe that the blood of these innocent patients is removed from my own head, HOWEVER, even Christ testified that the coming Kingdom would appear on our Heavenly Father's schedule and that not Jesus, nor the Holy angels, will know the time of this glorious event and to "bring it about" through some sort of political activity or human works is a concept which I am amazed to hear of and could not resist the urge to write and hear all about Your plan.  So please know Charlie, that your letter has stirred up your audience to inquire into your perspective.  Please let me know a little more of the "New Kingdom" of which you speak and if I have perhaps misunderstood your suggestion that it is something that we ourselves might "bring about" on Earth through our works.
    IN LOVE - Robert Lawrence