July 2, 1998


        Just got your letter of June 27th and hopefully the letter I got into yesterday's mail will be there by tomorrow and should clarify the whole "evil" computer notion a little.  You are exactly right about anyone who finds evil in a thing is the same type of mentality that sends people to prison via PROHIBITION.  Let's see about the other few points: Henry Kissinger in mentality is a fair picture of your intelligence and that acknowledged by lots of people and not just my own way of flattering.  The HEMP MOVEMENT is not monolithic, that we agree on.  Sorry if my letter was lacking in a tongue in cheek marking along there.
        I definitely don't think you are much of a candidate for accepting the mark of the beast, so hope that is also clear.
        The electronic bracelet for Brian's girlfriend and her testimony of lies against Jim and Brian, went hand in hand (acronym H.A.N.D. Have A Nice Day) and you not accepting a parole deserves much respect as well as a round of tunes from the angels.  As far as early release in exchange for an electronic tracking chip implant there are some nice words from a song by DONAVON: "BOSS EAGLE I DON'T WANT YOUR WINGS, I DON'T WANT YOUR FREEDOM IN A LIE".  Not only early release but already there are deals being made that LEGAL MARIJUANA might be available to those who are willing to be signed, sealed and delivered right into hell (excuse the comic relief).
        Since you are already quite aware of the Holy Scripture I think you can do a such better job than anyone I know to communicate to others among the 'monolithic heap movement' (insert tongue in cheek) that there are some things in the world more important than "legalizing marijuana" 'at all cost'.  I once received a call from a major 'player' (Elvy, between you & I and the fence post) telling me that they had decided that in order to win this 'battle' it is necessary to stop other activities and spend all energy raising MONEY.  I remember another person saying "Man If I could just win the lottery I would buy myself a Congressman".   "I MUST BE CRAZY, I MUST BE SEEING THINGS" John Fogarty, CCR.
        On the Marcus Garvey, Politics and religion issue and you having your say in the arena where you feel others have so much control over you?  I HAVE NEVER in my life heard of ANYONE who got more verbal licks and digs into the side of the beast.  I wallow in great JOY when I read of your discussions and exchanges with the 'powers that be'.  There was nothing in your letter that I disagree with.  (Your religion is personal?  Maybe on that one.  "YOU are the LIGHT of the world.  A city on a hill cannot be hid".  MATT 5:14)   And you do understand completely the situation coming upon us and you can articulate far better than I and I do hope that you will.  Thanks again for publishing that one letter that tells the story of Jim's testimony, the pelican and Armageddon.
        Oh yes STRONGS EXHAUSTIVE CONCORDANCE 5949, 4611, 4209, & 2810 definitely all define the word INVENTIONS as used the KJV as "good or evil" works, "inventions", "endeavors" etc.   Hopefully the letter I sent yesterday went into enough of that subject that you will understand that I'm not really 'superstitious' about ANY objects.  Again you yourself could articulate this far better than I.  Certainly you have been to town lately and noticed that the cashiers today often cannot calculate simple math problems for themselves and have become extensions of the equipment they work with.  Telephone operators come to take on the personality characteristics of the system through which they communicate.  Because the COMPUTER is GOOD at what it does which is replacing man's BRAIN.  It is the nature of the BEAST and in order to become good at what you do in most jobs involving this technology you automatically must conform somewhat to the nature of that system.  Calling the system or the equipment "EVIL" is a rather reckless way to discuss it.  I do apologize and hope that I have done a better job in expressing this rather subtle effect on humanity.  I am certain that you do understand and I appreciate very much your forcing me to be more cautious in my own writings.  I got my mind right now, Put me in coach, I'm ready to play.
        I noticed that Newt Gingrich has suggested we do away with books completely and give all the children in school a modem.  This trend is part of what seems to be inevitable depending on how long it will be 'allowed' to continue.
        "Except these days be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elects sake those days shall be shortened" MATT 24:22
        Probably won't make todays mail, here goes,
        Robert (Capt. Tomorrow)

P.S. INVENTIONS: I am a member of a small school who were taught and believe that the KJV in particular was delivered into our hands in the 20th Century exactly as it was predestined to be, as we are they upon whom the ends of the earth have come.  Though they were useful for gaining strength and TRUTH for each generation who has had access to these words, they were essentially written for us living today.
        These 'sealed' books are opened mostly by the events themselves coming to pass.  No other generation before us has had these "INVENTIONS" to even observe.  0nly the KJV seems to maintain these interesting little notes from our time traveling friend and author.
        The reason that you met me through Chris Conrad was that I truly was temporarily "blinded by Science".  You were correct.   I got fooled by the hype of FALSE HOPE because I saw that BANNER that read: Marijuana spoken here.  Later Chris admitted, "THEY LIE, WHY CAN'T WE?
    HEMP MOVEMENT: Even today there are people who try to redefine the 1960s as some kind of MOVEMENT.  PEACE & LOVE are eternal.  It was the "good drugs" which entered into the mouths of millions of young Americans and were a catalyst which brought about a powerful RENAISSANCE of music, art and progressive thinking.  For so much of that manifestation to have been illegal and "counter-cultural" in it's time is part of what gave it such a fertile ground.   The same can be said of early Christianity which rocked the world.  Being ILLEGAL only makes TRUTH flourish.  By the late 1970s much of the COLOR & BEAT had become INSTITUTIONALIZED and thus DEAD.  The POWER within and behind all these "GOOD VIBRATIONS" simply cannot be contained in a man-made bottle or legalized by a 'human society' that in selfish to the core.  Something has to give and it isn't gonna be the ALL-POWERFUL.  Any MOVEMENT to 'organize' and change a little facet of this giant sickness that now prevails, is CUTE.  But basically irrelevant.  A BAND-AID ON A LEPER.  The present suffering we now witness is hardly the beginning of the birth pains for what is coming.  It is truly honorable to care enough to put your thumb in the dyke.  But this isn't our town.  It isn't really anybody's town and will soon all wash away to make room for a Real City.  One Jim calls the "Ganja Civilization".  We are not here to beg for a little niche in this society or bring one about through political social skills.  "WE SHALL RULE OVER ALL THE EARTH".  That isn't Religion.  It's an historical fact right out of the 'Future Book'.  Politics is a man-made INVENTION.